26 Jul DAN OPPLAND stays in Nuernberg and becomes a Falcon

After the announcement of the director Mr. Lolis that the  traditonal german BBall Club “RENT4OFFICE” Nuernberg will not be existing anymore, the  who german BBall world was shocked.
the initiative of the Sportsdirector& Headcoach Ralph Junge to resue the club and start a new path with new board members , and a new infrastructor is/was a huge task but thanks to many helping hands and new financial sponsors the club made it and forefilled the leagues requirements and was able to keep the license to participate in the german PRO A.
Now it is/was about  building a competitive team wich isnt easy considering the timeframe and the lost time during the whole rescue process…
After the great signing of  BBL player CALVIN, the NewNuernberg citizen DAN OPPLAND commitet to the programm, and is happy to compete for the club for his 3rd year in row.


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